Everyone I have ever referred has called me and thanked me.

Dr. Galkin is simply the best Dentist you can find.
Everyone I have ever referred has called me and thanked me.

He is nice, personable, affordable, and uses the latest technology.

– Joe K

The work he did was wonderful. He has state of the art equipment.

Yesterday was my first dental appointment with Dr. Galkin.  I’m 32 years old and have only been to the dentist a handful of times.  I hate going to the dentist!  Actually, I guess I should say I “used” to hate going to the dentist…

Dr. Galkin is extremely friendly and warm.  It was my first visit to his practice and he treated me as kindly as I imagine he would his oldest patients.  Although I had an afternoon appointment, the wait time was very short and Dr. Galkin even came out to visit me in the waiting room to ask what the reason for my visit was, give a preliminary diagnosis and an update on how soon I would be in the chair.

A few moments later one of his assistants guided me to the exam room.  She was just as friendly and lovely as Dr. Galkin.  The reason for my visit was due to some swelling and discomfort in my gums.  Dr. Galkin swiftly diagnosed my problem as being related to my pregnancy, I have pregnancy gingavitis which he said is very common with pregnant women.  He gave me some medicated mouthwash to use.  That’s not all though.  I got an exam and he found some cavities in my molars.  While most dentists would send you to the receptionist to schedule another visit, Dr. Galkin took care of them that day!

The work he did was wonderful.  He has state of the art equipment.  He was able to take before and after photos of my teeth to show what they looked like before and after he took care of the cavities.  Also, he uses this sand-blaster like tool to remove your cavities- no drill and no needles needed!  It was awesome.  My fear and avoidance of the dentist is OVER!

Mark is the wonderful fellow who takes care of the front desk operations.  Mark was extrememly helpful when I first called to explain the discomfort I was in and ask if Dr. Galkin could see me- Mark got me in within 36 hours of my call which I think is fantastic.

I have a cleaning scheduled for June and I’m not dreading it at all.  Also I was happy to find a great dentist close to my home for when my child is older and has dental needs.  I really feel like i’ve found my dentist for the long run!  I will be recommending Dr. Galkin to everyone I know!

– Jennifer G.

He’s been terrific on little issues as well as the big ones

After reading reviews here I went to see Dr. Galkin and am thrilled I did. My partner and I have both been several times now. He’s been terrific on little issues as well as the big ones. As someone who is terrified of the dentist and has had a lot of bad experiences, I’m no longer even the slightest bit hesitant to see him.

He’s friendly and funny while patiently explaining everything he’s doing. I’ve never once felt rushed or as if he overbooked to get as many people in as possible – quite the opposite. He even called me after a recent procedure to check and see how I was doing. I’d recommend him to anyone!

– Amber D

I have been extremely pleased with this office

I first visited Dr. Galkin’s office after reading several stellar recommendations on a local listserv, and I have been extremely pleased with this office. The entire staff is very friendly, the service is quick, and Dr. Galkin is a very knowledgeable, thorough, and gentle dentist.

– Lindsey W.

You won’t be disappointed!!!!!!

I didn’t experience any unnecessary pain during my visit, and I was amazed at how much better I felt after I left. I felt very safe in their care. I definitely trust them. It was so nice to arrive and see many fully qualified staff members.

– Christina N. McWilson